T-Track® ELISpot plate human IFN-γ HiSpecificityPRO

Code: 12370012

Size: Precoated 96-well strip plate

Price: 180.00 €

Delivery time: Approximately 2-7 days; please note: solid plate format (12100010) currently not available.

Not available in: No restrictions. Please note that the prices of our products do not include shipping and freight costs, charges, taxes or customs duties.

T-Track® ELISpot plate human IFN-γ HiSpecificityPRO

The T-Track® ELISpot human IFN-γ HiSpecificityPRO product line allows standardized read-outs and results characterized by lowest background signals and highest specificity*. The precoated T-Track® ELISpot plate human IFN-γ HiSpecificityPRO has been developed for our T-Track® CMV IVD product and fulfills highest quality standards in an elaborated and strictly controlled manufacturing process.

T-Track® IFN-γ HiSpecificityPRO ELISpot plate

  • Ready-to-use precoated PVDF microtiter plate
  • Precoated with anti-human IFN-γ mAb
  • Available in 12 x 8-well strip and 96-well solid format
  • Compatible with Lophius' T-activated® proteins
  • For individualized ELISpot assay
  • Highly standardized
  • Highest specificity*
  • Low background


*compared to competitor human IFN-γ ELISpot plates



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