Diagnostic kit T-Track® CMV and T-Track® basic IL-10 ELISpot kit

Thanks to the Lophius T-Track® CMV kit, I am able to accurately monitor and characterize cellular immunity of bone marrow transplant patients in my routine diagnostics.

The easy-to-use ELISpot assay is highly sensitive, enabling the detection of immune reactivity even in strongly immunosuppressed patients.

In addition, the highly sensitive Lophius’ T-Track® basic IL-10 ELISpot kit delivers superior results in my research involving septic and post-surgery patients. Unlike other ELISpot products, Lophius’ ELISpot generates very low background and a highly homogeneous spot morphology.

Therefore, I recommend Lophius’ ELISpot systems as effective research and diagnostic tools for immunological applications.  

Prof. Dr. med. Monika Lindemann

Head of the Research Group
AG Lindemann - Essen University Hospital

Lophius' IFN-γ Products

Working with Lophius’ precoated IFN-γ ELISpot plates provides the flexibility to start ELISpot assays as soon as patient and research samples become available, and saves our laboratory staff the time normally used for self-coating.

Fulfilling highest quality standards, Lophius’ ELISpot plates yield low background and specific homogeneous spots, supporting a standardized and reproducible read-out compared to self-coated ELISpot plates.

Therefore, this convenient solution makes our daily work, both in antiviral immune-therapeutics research and in routine in-house and external diagnostics, more effective and reliable.

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Britta Eiz-Vesper

Head of R&D and alloCELL
Institute for Transfusion Medicine – Hannover Medical School

T-Track® Human IFN-y ELISpot kit HispecificityPRO

ImevaX develops novel vaccination strategies against globally relevant pathogens, specifically Helicobacter pylori infections.  

For our clinical studies we use Lophius’ human IFN-γ ELISpot kits. This time-saving kit provides all reagents needed to perform a standardized assay, with reduced background, homogeneous spots and above all, reproducible results. 

To get fast, accurate and reliable data, we also use Lophius' convenient ELISpot read-out service, as an efficient alternative to buying an ELISpot reader.  

Dr. Kathrin Klar

Scientist, Immunology
ImevaX GmbH - Munich

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