Scientific Approach

Lophius' technologies enable the pathogen-specific stimulation of a broad spectrum of clinically-relevant effector cells and the identification of markers secreted by these cells facilitating the development of novel molecular diagnostic solutions.

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Lophius in TB

Our core program addresses an unmet clinical need in tuberculosis (TB), an often underestimated global epidemic. TB remains one of the 10 leading causes of death worldwide with around 1.5 million casualties each year.

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Lophius in CMV

We have successfully developed and are already commercializing our clinically-validated CE-marked diagnostic kit
T-Track® CMV to individualize transplant patient management by allowing personalized CMV disease risk stratification.

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TB represents an underestimated global health problem and economic burden. The medical need in TB arises from the sheer amount of people carrying a latent infection leading to novel outbreaks and fatalities. Supposedly novel diagnostic solutions have not met market needs and hence health systems around the world still largely rely on TB skin tests that are time-consuming, error-prone and ineffective.

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