Why use Lophius' patented technologies?

Lophius' proprietary technology platforms:

  • Enable the development of T cell-based (companion) diagnostic solutions for multiple indications with maximum flexibility in terms of read out systems (see table below)
  • Facilitate the evaluation and improvement of vaccines, biologics, drugs and the monitoring of therapy success

T-activation® Technology

Fast, reliable, inexpensive and specific stimulation of a broad spectrum of clinically-relevant immune effector cells (CD4+, CD8+, NK and NKT-like cells) with Lophius’ T-activated® proteins.   

Fields of application:    

  • Better T cell-based diagnostic solutions for viral infections like CMV, EBV, BKV ...
  • Enhanced vaccine efficacy through improved immunogenicity of proteins
  • Improved immunomonitoring thanks to higher assay sensitivity


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    Reverse T Cell Technology (RTT)

    Novel strategy to distinguish between active and memory T cells for innovative diagnostics.

    Fields of application:

    • Differential diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB), discriminating active disease from latent infection
    • Diagnosis of disease status and monitoring of therapy success for autoimmune diseases in which activated T cells are involved in the pathogenesis (e.g. multiple sclerosis, diabetes)
    • Analysis of T cell responses following vaccination

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    Possible applications and read outs of the T-activation® and RTT technologies

    *Luminex, BD, Simoa

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