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T-activated® proteins: IE-1, pp65, EBNA3A, ImmunoScan Cocktail
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Advantages of T-activated® proteins

In contrast to peptides and unmodified proteins, T-activated® proteins (formulated with Lophius patented T-activation® buffer) are processed and presented via the exogenous (MHC-II) and endogenous (MHC-I; cross-presentation) pathways by functional antigen-presenting cells (APC), thus mimicking a natural infection.

In addition, T-activated® proteins result in a more efficient and HLA antigen-independent stimulation of a broad spectrum of clinically-relevant subpopulations of antigen-reactive effector cells (CD4+ and CD8+ T cells, NK and NKT-like cells).

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T-activated® ImmunoScan Cocktail

The T-activated® ImmunoScan Cocktail, which is also available in a ready-to-use ELISpot kit (T-Track® ImmunoScan), contains a mixture of antigens derived from different viruses and bacteria to stimulate a broad antigen-specific T cell response. Additionally, bystander mechanisms and specific components mediate the reactivation of innate immune cells. Thus, stimulation with this cocktail allows the monitoring of host response markers including specific recall responses in studies of immunosuppressive conditions, immune modulating therapies and recovery following transplantation.

Specifications of T-activated® proteins

  • Recombinant T-activated® proteins for effective in vitro stimulation of antigen-specific effector cells including CD4+ T cells, CD8+ T cells, NK cells and NKT-like cells
  • Processed by APC via the exogenous and endogenous antigen-presentation pathways
  • For epitope-loading on MHC-II as well as MHC-I molecules by cross-presentation
  • Actively processed by APC leading to a physiological and comprehensive stimulation of antigen-specific effector cells

Specifications of T-activated® ImmunoScan Cocktail

  • Measures adaptive and innate immune response
  • Broad stimulation of antigen-specific recall responses
  • Almost unrestricted by donors' HLA background
  • Usable for several individual immunoassay formats (ELISpot, ELISA, FACS)
  • For research use only

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quantity product code size price add
T-activated® IE-1
12311001 500 µl 250,00 €
T-activated® pp65
12311002 500 µl 250,00 €
T-activated® EBNA3A
12312002 500 µl 250,00 €
T-activated® ImmunoScan Cocktail
12380001 200 µl 500,00 €
T-activated® ImmunoScan Cocktail
12380002 500 µl 1.150,00 €

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